We have been fortunate to work with a number of clients, working with them to develop and evolve their digital strategy, and managing its execution with the utmost rigour and to the point of perfection. Here are some testimonials from them acknowledging our team, which we are proud to share.

WeCare Digital brings strategic insights to design and content brief. The understanding of the medium in the context of marketing products and services in the digital space is critical. This is what the Founder of WeCare, Smitha Satpute provides her clients with.
Lalit Jagtiani

Digital Thought Leader, SAP Asia, Singapore, Author, ‘When Change Happens...’

Syybol dance fitness engaged with Wecare from day 1 of our start-up venture. Smitha really went to great lengths to understand our business, our goals. And then helping us with a digital strategy that fell into place with our overall approach.

Always accessible, very solution-oriented, we have gained immensely from Smitha’s dedication. She has always put client needs above everything else. I must also add that on numerous occasions she has gone way beyond her mandate to help us in so many ways, which as a startup has really helped us immensely. Always sharing different opportunities and connecting us with different people that could help us.

Glad to have partnered with WeCare and we look forward to many more collaborations with Smitha and her team.

Manisha Kapoor

Managing Partner, Syybol-Dance Fitness

Right from the time, I said I am considering getting a website made, Smitha was all ears. She quickly gave me a framework and a brief sheet that helped me structure my thoughts about my needs as well. In spite of being overloaded with work, barring one small adjustment, she had a discussion with her team and agreed to all my timelines. The team worked in unison to get a logo done, which went through many iterations (thanks largely to my indecisiveness) without a single murmur of dissent from the team. The design dummy was made ready and shared, which I had no complaints about. I was kept involved at all stages of progress in a manner that I felt sufficiently close to the action, and sufficiently away to not let it interfere with my routine. Till almost the D-Day however, I wasn’t seeing too much in terms of delivery but Smitha was confident of being able to meet the deadline. I can attribute my unease to my ignorance about the work that goes in the background for website development and I began to feel that we would miss the final deadline. But, amazingly, we didn’t. On the day I wanted to launch, my website was finally launched. In all this, a couple of things stood out:
1. The cohesiveness of the team is appreciable. Right from Mr. Sharad Agarwal, to Tanay, to Smitha herself, they work together as a unit with clockwork precision.
2. Smitha easily juggles between being sweet enough to indulge you for your reasonable requests and firm enough to push you back if something is unreasonable.
3. The sense of commitment is very high. Unless deliverable, a commitment is not made, but once it is made, there’s no going back on it.

Overall, it has been a wonderful experience getting my website made by Smitha and her team and I’d definitely recommend her services.

Sunil Punjabi


Today, the digital marketeer is much more than just an agency especially for startups.The foremost job for them is to understand the business and work as an ally in setting up and growing the business. This is what I feel that WeCare does differently from the scores of others available today. A solid base of consumer understanding along with technical expertise helps them to cocreate an appropriate strategy with their clients. They are flexible, proactive and agile, much needed when you work with startups.
Sambit Satpathy

CEO, Estética Business Solutions

I have known and worked with Smitha over the last one year and I have found the team at WeCare extremely responsive in coming up with practical solutions to our needs. The team was responsible for creating digital assets for our new brand launch and to put together a cohesive marketing strategy to deliver on required objectives. Smitha is extremely knowledgeable and is able to give practical insights into online media optimisation which make sense and are value for money.
I have found that her team is able to turnaround jobs at record speeds; we have come to expect from them a high degree of responsiveness and flexibility in according even last minute jobs top priority. I wish the entire team at WeCare great success and also take this opportunity to thank them for a job well done!
Radhika Bawa

Founder and Managing Partner, Healthtech Pivot

Smitha is a highly detailed, dedicated individual and was able to contribute to automating manual processes and enabling them to gain efficiencies for the business. Smitha is a highly experienced professional with a strong knowledge of her subject. She is very thorough and excellent at multi-tasking. Smitha can handle many challenges and is completely reliable. She is a pleasure to work with – very diligent and focused and always striving to meet her client’s requirements in an efficient and creative way! I would recommend Smitha for any activity knowing that she would give 100% to make sure that whatever she does, delivers a high quality and actionable piece of work.
Nitin Bhise

Director, Integrand Informations Systems Inc.

We got our website developed by WeCare Digital and they really took care of us. Smitha is an essential power source of goodwill and ideas for anybody and everybody …. they have such a non commercial approach towards business that you feel as it WECARE is part of your own team. Their insights into digital marketing are like a torch to a newbie like me. Also I applaud their creative team for being creative and fast. I strongly recommmend their services to all. 
Avinash Chitnis

Managing Partner, 3A foods.

WeCare is no empty claim … They really care!

If you have a need to amplify your brand presence sensibly and effectively on digital assets, look no further.
They may be an enterprise … and by that definition.. in business … but they have brought a whole new meaning to doing business with passion.

After the handshake, you will never call yourselves the sole brand owners.
WeCare has the dual strength of Smitha’s leadership and a very knowledgeable team ….. which never holds back. Quite special.. this combination!

The world of digital is at once vast and ever-changing. A brand can gain from this ocean….. or else … not.

If you have WeCare on your side…that’s the side that’s bound to go places… that’s going to hit the mark!

Ameeta Iyengar

Founder Director, LOCATOR and Select Direct Marketing Communications