There is no set-in-stone instruction for becoming an entrepreneur … different people take different paths.

Back in 2008 when I first met Deepa Soman, the need was to balance work and care of my toddler. Probably Deepa intuitively gauged my passion about technology and genuinely commented, “I will support you whenever you want to go back to technology.”

I joined Lumière, a consulting agency, despite my roots being in core IT and thankfully enough my knowledge of technology found its way. Got opportunities to work with some of my dream corporates, write macros, complex algorithm, big data, research on top websites & complex Intranet workflows, exposure to tools for social media listening … the list is endless.

Years passed; my son started to become more independent and I dared to take my first steps as an entrepreneur and ironic as it may sound, my boss Deepa Soman encouraged me to.

Today as my company WeCare Digital services various clients in digital strategies, am overwhelmed to have Lumière added to our client list. My core team members Pankaj Yadav & Tanay Iyer supported with equal passion and we could deliver the website on time as it turned 21 years.

Just as a 21 year old ought to be – Deepa has made me independent, rooted in values and given me the license to fly. Thanks, Deepa & Milind from the bottom of my heart. You have been my mentors and having you as clients is indeed an honour. Best always to you and the Lumiere family.